Pins and Boards

A pininterest board reflecting different interests

I wrote last month about Pinterest and thought I would expand a bit more on it as it has proved such a useful tool but it is more than that. It is social networking at its finest. I share my boards and follow others who have similar interests. The Boards; these are the ways we collect and store what interests us, in a way cataloging them. Before Pinterest we would use lists or the firdge door or the good ole cork put up the items that interest you, weren’t they a nightmare to add to though?. These boards are usually content specific but not necessarily so, and you can share your board for others to comment and (if you allow) add to. You can also have private ones!  One of my boards was for our new house and both my partner and I added to the board with friends helping out. We each got a visual of what the other was thinking, which was very helpful when looking at furniture and decorating instead of just agreeing with me  – the mans lazy option for peace, (when will they learn that it doesn’t work?) he could put his ideas up and I could get an actually sense of what he was visualising better than I could if he just told me! The Pins – these are the specific items that have caught your fancy, they normally have a visual and a link to the content website. Businesses are now actively looking into using Pinterest to promote their products. Actually using Pinterest is easy you just have to take that first step, this site will help some of you newbies out there.



Pinterest and me.


Pinterest pin for identifying items for your Boards

Well are you sorted for christmas?  I am and have been for a while thanks to Pinterest. This wonderful site is an online shoppers creative outlet – its the equivalent of a Christmas market, without the hustle and bustle and Gluhwein; mmm I love Gluhwein maybe one trip to the Christmas market is in order – I can find one from a Pinterest board!!! In all other ways Pinterest has been perfect for planning my Christmas. I have my meals planned, which shops to buy from; parties planned with all the decorations and special items I want. I have found suggestions for all my presents. I have been looking and pinning presents on my christmas board for months now. So much better than lists and so much more fun. I can even do it on the train via my smartphone app, my nice spanking brand new Samsung S5 smartphone, thanks to ferratum UK. Mine decided it didnt like being dropped and I can’t live without one, so one short term loan later and I am a one very happy lady with an early Christmas present! Pinterest was co founded by Ben Silbermann, it has gone from 5,000 users in 2010 to over 70 million last year, 80% of the users are women, if you’d like more facts on Pinterest go look here. It has become a phenomenon of the internet. You can share anything from business plans to reindeer prints. I use Pinterest in preference to Delicious as I like to bookmark the pictures, it helps me visualise and remember better why I pinned it. I’ve already started to pin for next years holiday…


Xmas pin board from pinterest

Christmas Pin Board