I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic or a fashionista. That would be stretching it a little too much. However, I’ve dedicated a fair share of my salary to shopping over the years, and I feel that gives me quite a bit of authority over what’s good and what’s not.

Quite frankly, online shopping is probably the best thing that has happened to people who like to shop. Online shopping might be a little tricky for those who have never tried it before- but once you know what pitfalls to avoid and what tricks to embrace, there is nothing like a good shopping website. Over the past few years of scouring the internet for cheap boots and that lipstick from Mac that sold out within the first few hours, I have learned exactly what to look for in online shopping sites. I’m Sammie, I’m 33, and here’s where I share my wisdom on all things online shopping. Do enjoy your stay!


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