Amazon Vs Alibaba which is better

Amazon Vs Alibaba

Amazon Vs Alibaba


When I researched how many items Amazon sold I was startled. The list never ends, and it is hard to find an article not sold by Amazon. Then I scored another website Alibaba. Again I found every possible thing. These are the two giants of e-Retail.

Amazon is from USA and Alibaba is from China. Believe it or not, Alibaba is leaving Amazon behind in sales.Amazon is a household name in USA and Alibaba has towering presence in China and South-East Asia.

The Difference

When you have a look at the website both the companies look similar, but their operation style is quite different. Amazon works more like a super store and wants to have all things available. It has partnered with various small companies and overtaken many.Sales depend on searches.

Alibaba gives importance to communication and builds up a relationship with the customer. The company’s philosophy is to build trust so that the customer does not depend on the searches, but directly comes to Alibaba.

Amazon Vs Alibaba

Alibaba is more communication oriented and hence saves a lot on storage. They will store as per customer demands, and no item ever is sold out.

Amazon depends on store management, and incurs lots on storage. It also loses out on sales due to sold out tags on popular items.


Alibaba yearns to reach all corners of the country in which it is operating.Amazon however services only profitable areas.

The overall result is Alibaba making more profit with its policy and leaving Amazon behind. But Amazon is astutely venturing in Asia and doing well.


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