Get that New Look from Your Favorite Television Show


Your next outfit might be on television.

Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks / Foter / CC BY-NC

If you are like me, you find all sorts of great outfits walking across your television screen; that is, if you still use a television. In fact, I like some shows just because the female characters wear great clothing; well-made, attractive and substantial. I used to shop with an outfit firmly planted in my mind, trying to find components approximating the original clothing. It was tedious and not always successful.

One day, cruising the internet, I discovered a couple of sites where you can look for outfits seen on television. Worn on TV features clothing from popular shows, like Orphan Black and Reign. The site also tells you where you can find exact matches or items that have the same feel as the original clothing. There was another site, Shop Your TV, but the last time I tried accessing the site, it was down. I can only guess that, since I was searching right after the BAFTA awards, the site may have crashed from women looking for clothing they saw on the red carpet.

When looking for outfits you have seen on television, remember that these sites are extremely popular. If your favorite shopping site is down, try looking through Star Style, and Celebrity Style Guide. While you  might not find the outfit you saw on your favorite television show, you might find something just as, if not more, delicious.

One day very soon, we’ll be able to shop while watching our favorite show. When you see an outfit you like, you’ll move a cursor and “click” on the actor’s outfit. Then, information about the outfit will either appear on the television or computer screen, or the information will go to your email. How dangerous might that be?



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