Discounts that Mothers Love

Everyday is discount day when you shop online.

Have you ever purposely ignored a website because you just didn’t understand the concept? Do you believe the old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it is…”? We all do things out of habit, especially if that habit has paid off! However, I recently set one of my personal policies aside to explore Zulily, and the experience has me reevaluation my online behaviour.

The Surprise

Zulily is actually a great place to save on clothing for the whole family. I have found discounts beyond those I’ve seen at other sites. I know this because I tracked a specific tunic. The tunic was featured on at least 3 websites, and I have been waiting for its price to fall. One day, o n a whim, I decided to look through Zulily. Imagine my surprise when I found that same tunic priced more than 50% lower than what I had already seen, while shopping other sites. Zulily has become one of my main go-to sites when I absolutely must buy clothing.

Shop Carefully

While there are huge discounts, stay alert! Some items are still fairly expensive, but they are usually from higher end stores. They may have deep discounts, but those discounts never move out of the high-end range.

Be sure to look through the shipping information and return policies. Zulily lists items from many different stores, so the time between making your purchase and its arrival will probably be greater than if you ordered directly from that store’s site.

Worthwhile Bargains

This site is packed with unadvertised discounts. If you just like looking at discounted family clothing, jewelry and shoes, you will find them with periodic browsing and using a coupons from DealsPlus. However, if you intend to buy specific types of clothing, or your favorite store posts stock on Zulily, sign up for Zulily’s news and sales letter. That way, you’ll get to that discount before it is sold out!


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