Online shopping vs. Traditional shops.

online shopping express delivery

As you know I am an advocate for the online shopping route but have to be honest there are some drawbacks. For example take the jeans that look perfect, price perfect, so you purchase online. On arrival size mmm not so perfect, they don’t fit my standard size 12 body, well to be honest 14. Only the computer and I know the sizes I order, another plus in my book. Back to the jeans, they had to go back. What a performance, as I do not own a car and could not easily get to the post office. I also work shifts and they did not correspond with pick up times from a collection company. All of this took a number of emails and phone calls to sort, not exactly what I was looking for in terms of economy of time and money, certainly not as easy as taking the receipt and popping into the store. I for one will carefully read the online store policy for returning goods in future. Another drawback, is sometimes you really need to be hands on, you know have the store expert explain what to connect to what. Sometimes you just have to see it, touch it or smell it to decide if it suits you.

not always happy with shopping

The other downside I discovered  recently is purchasing in other currencies. I bought an original designer dress from Australia and must have calculated wrong, as when my bank account came it was significantly more expensive than I had thought, so much so I had to stop buying for the rest of the month.  Adding insult to injury, to actually return it, would add another considerable outlay on my part.

Lessons learnt: read the site’s return policies and double check prices and currency conversions!
shopping crosses all currencies


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