Internet – The Future of all Activities

Internet and Business

What exactly is Internet?

  • ´The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 190 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions.
  • ´The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies.
  • The “Internet of things” (IoT) is an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work.

Consumers in the 21st Century

  • ´The internet has grown faster than any other medium in History.
  • ´By 2020 over 1200 million people will have access to the Internet which will be 30% of the population on Earth.
  • Internet usage in the developed nations has reached a critical stage.
  • More and more people in developing world are using the internet.
  • Sales through the internet have grown from mere 2% to around 14% of the total sales since 2002 in India alone. There are specialised sites even on Hatha Yoga teacher training.

Ranking High on Google Search is the In Thing for Business

  • How to Rank high on google searches has been the major concern of companies worldwide.
  • If you go and use Ad clicks or Ad Words by Google you can rank high on google searches. However, it is expensive.
  • More subtle techniques are off-line SEO techniques like blogs and forums

Amazon Vs Alibaba which is better

Amazon Vs Alibaba

Amazon Vs Alibaba


When I researched how many items Amazon sold I was startled. The list never ends, and it is hard to find an article not sold by Amazon. Then I scored another website Alibaba. Again I found every possible thing. These are the two giants of e-Retail.

Amazon is from USA and Alibaba is from China. Believe it or not, Alibaba is leaving Amazon behind in sales.Amazon is a household name in USA and Alibaba has towering presence in China and South-East Asia.

The Difference

When you have a look at the website both the companies look similar, but their operation style is quite different. Amazon works more like a super store and wants to have all things available. It has partnered with various small companies and overtaken many.Sales depend on searches.

Alibaba gives importance to communication and builds up a relationship with the customer. The company’s philosophy is to build trust so that the customer does not depend on the searches, but directly comes to Alibaba.

Amazon Vs Alibaba

Alibaba is more communication oriented and hence saves a lot on storage. They will store as per customer demands, and no item ever is sold out.

Amazon depends on store management, and incurs lots on storage. It also loses out on sales due to sold out tags on popular items.


Alibaba yearns to reach all corners of the country in which it is operating.Amazon however services only profitable areas.

The overall result is Alibaba making more profit with its policy and leaving Amazon behind. But Amazon is astutely venturing in Asia and doing well.

Get that New Look from Your Favorite Television Show


Your next outfit might be on television.

Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks / Foter / CC BY-NC

If you are like me, you find all sorts of great outfits walking across your television screen; that is, if you still use a television. In fact, I like some shows just because the female characters wear great clothing; well-made, attractive and substantial. I used to shop with an outfit firmly planted in my mind, trying to find components approximating the original clothing. It was tedious and not always successful.

One day, cruising the internet, I discovered a couple of sites where you can look for outfits seen on television. Worn on TV features clothing from popular shows, like Orphan Black and Reign. The site also tells you where you can find exact matches or items that have the same feel as the original clothing. There was another site, Shop Your TV, but the last time I tried accessing the site, it was down. I can only guess that, since I was searching right after the BAFTA awards, the site may have crashed from women looking for clothing they saw on the red carpet.

When looking for outfits you have seen on television, remember that these sites are extremely popular. If your favorite shopping site is down, try looking through Star Style, and Celebrity Style Guide. While you  might not find the outfit you saw on your favorite television show, you might find something just as, if not more, delicious.

One day very soon, we’ll be able to shop while watching our favorite show. When you see an outfit you like, you’ll move a cursor and “click” on the actor’s outfit. Then, information about the outfit will either appear on the television or computer screen, or the information will go to your email. How dangerous might that be?


Discounts that Mothers Love

Everyday is discount day when you shop online.

Have you ever purposely ignored a website because you just didn’t understand the concept? Do you believe the old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it is…”? We all do things out of habit, especially if that habit has paid off! However, I recently set one of my personal policies aside to explore Zulily, and the experience has me reevaluation my online behaviour.

The Surprise

Zulily is actually a great place to save on clothing for the whole family. I have found discounts beyond those I’ve seen at other sites. I know this because I tracked a specific tunic. The tunic was featured on at least 3 websites, and I have been waiting for its price to fall. One day, o n a whim, I decided to look through Zulily. Imagine my surprise when I found that same tunic priced more than 50% lower than what I had already seen, while shopping other sites. Zulily has become one of my main go-to sites when I absolutely must buy clothing.

Shop Carefully

While there are huge discounts, stay alert! Some items are still fairly expensive, but they are usually from higher end stores. They may have deep discounts, but those discounts never move out of the high-end range.

Be sure to look through the shipping information and return policies. Zulily lists items from many different stores, so the time between making your purchase and its arrival will probably be greater than if you ordered directly from that store’s site.

Worthwhile Bargains

This site is packed with unadvertised discounts. If you just like looking at discounted family clothing, jewelry and shoes, you will find them with periodic browsing and using a coupons from DealsPlus. However, if you intend to buy specific types of clothing, or your favorite store posts stock on Zulily, sign up for Zulily’s news and sales letter. That way, you’ll get to that discount before it is sold out!

Pins and Boards

A pininterest board reflecting different interests

I wrote last month about Pinterest and thought I would expand a bit more on it as it has proved such a useful tool but it is more than that. It is social networking at its finest. I share my boards and follow others who have similar interests. The Boards; these are the ways we collect and store what interests us, in a way cataloging them. Before Pinterest we would use lists or the firdge door or the good ole cork put up the items that interest you, weren’t they a nightmare to add to though?. These boards are usually content specific but not necessarily so, and you can share your board for others to comment and (if you allow) add to. You can also have private ones!  One of my boards was for our new house and both my partner and I added to the board with friends helping out. We each got a visual of what the other was thinking, which was very helpful when looking at furniture and decorating instead of just agreeing with me  – the mans lazy option for peace, (when will they learn that it doesn’t work?) he could put his ideas up and I could get an actually sense of what he was visualising better than I could if he just told me! The Pins – these are the specific items that have caught your fancy, they normally have a visual and a link to the content website. Businesses are now actively looking into using Pinterest to promote their products. Actually using Pinterest is easy you just have to take that first step, this site will help some of you newbies out there.


Pinterest and me.


Pinterest pin for identifying items for your Boards

Well are you sorted for christmas?  I am and have been for a while thanks to Pinterest. This wonderful site is an online shoppers creative outlet – its the equivalent of a Christmas market, without the hustle and bustle and Gluhwein; mmm I love Gluhwein maybe one trip to the Christmas market is in order – I can find one from a Pinterest board!!! In all other ways Pinterest has been perfect for planning my Christmas. I have my meals planned, which shops to buy from; parties planned with all the decorations and special items I want. I have found suggestions for all my presents. I have been looking and pinning presents on my christmas board for months now. So much better than lists and so much more fun. I can even do it on the train via my smartphone app, my nice spanking brand new Samsung S5 smartphone, thanks to ferratum UK. Mine decided it didnt like being dropped and I can’t live without one, so one short term loan later and I am a one very happy lady with an early Christmas present! Pinterest was co founded by Ben Silbermann, it has gone from 5,000 users in 2010 to over 70 million last year, 80% of the users are women, if you’d like more facts on Pinterest go look here. It has become a phenomenon of the internet. You can share anything from business plans to reindeer prints. I use Pinterest in preference to Delicious as I like to bookmark the pictures, it helps me visualise and remember better why I pinned it. I’ve already started to pin for next years holiday…


Xmas pin board from pinterest

Christmas Pin Board




Online shopping vs. Traditional shops.

online shopping express delivery

As you know I am an advocate for the online shopping route but have to be honest there are some drawbacks. For example take the jeans that look perfect, price perfect, so you purchase online. On arrival size mmm not so perfect, they don’t fit my standard size 12 body, well to be honest 14. Only the computer and I know the sizes I order, another plus in my book. Back to the jeans, they had to go back. What a performance, as I do not own a car and could not easily get to the post office. I also work shifts and they did not correspond with pick up times from a collection company. All of this took a number of emails and phone calls to sort, not exactly what I was looking for in terms of economy of time and money, certainly not as easy as taking the receipt and popping into the store. I for one will carefully read the online store policy for returning goods in future. Another drawback, is sometimes you really need to be hands on, you know have the store expert explain what to connect to what. Sometimes you just have to see it, touch it or smell it to decide if it suits you.

not always happy with shopping

The other downside I discovered  recently is purchasing in other currencies. I bought an original designer dress from Australia and must have calculated wrong, as when my bank account came it was significantly more expensive than I had thought, so much so I had to stop buying for the rest of the month.  Adding insult to injury, to actually return it, would add another considerable outlay on my part.

Lessons learnt: read the site’s return policies and double check prices and currency conversions!
shopping crosses all currencies

Save more when shopping online

Here’s the deal- when you shop as much as I do, you have to do all you can to save money. Online shopping, many a times, is cheaper than shopping at the store. But if you could get a discount on that discounted price, I’m sure you would grab it before I could say “Stilettos”. So here are some tips for those of you who want more for less.

download (1)

  1. Get a cash-back credit card. There are some credit cards that offer a higher percentage of cash-back when you shop online. If you love shopping online, you should certainly get one of these.
  2. Use coupons. There are a number of websites that let you save a large amount of money when you’re shopping.
  3. It’s better for you to wait till you have enough items in your cart to qualify you for free shipping. If you do not want to wait, you can just buy some filler items. Filler items are objects that do not cost much but, still, are useful.
  4. If you are shopping brands, do not buy things from the official brand site. Other shopping websites that sell products from these brands would sell them for a different, and usually, cheaper price.

These are some of the simplest tricks you can use to save a tonne of money while shopping!

Alibaba is not a scam- as long as you use it right

Alibaba has been one of my favourite online shops purely because of how ridiculously cheap it is. Sure- most of their items are knockoff Chinese products- but they are incredibly cheap, and surprisingly sturdy. There is a very high chance that you have heard lots of reports about how Alibaba is a scam. That is not entirely true, though.

Of course, there are a lot of merchants on Alibaba that are in it to scam people. However, there are many merchants who are legitimate and do not cheat. There are a fair few ways of finding out which merchants you should shop from and which ones you should avoid.

  1. Look for merchants who are gold suppliers with at least 2 or 3 years in the field. The gold status costs a few thousand pounds every year, so only legitimate merchants have the tag.banner1site
  2. Alibaba records and displays any substantiated complaint made against the merchant. You can avoid scammers by ensuring that you only shop from suppliers who have been complaint-free for the past 90 days.
  3. Check if the supplier has their own website- one that looks professional enough. You can also do Google searches to see if the company is legit (if the supplier has a registered profile on Global Sources or MadeinChina, you’re safe).

If the supplier clears all the three categories, you’re certainly good to go.